Mornings with Mommy

Mornings with Mommy is a monthly event for parents and their infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Parents and caregivers get to mingle with each other while enjoying quality time with their children. Mornings with Mommy includes age-appropriate activities like arts and crafts, sensory tables, stories, music, educational toys, and a snack time. The best part? Zion’s team does all the planning; parents just need to sign-up.


Zion Lutheran Preschool offers a well-rounded, state-licensed program of Early Childhood Education. It provides a safe, healthy environment that fosters spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. The program is built to support each family’s unique needs, so we provide a wide-range of options. Choose a full-day or half-day preschool program and attend one to five days a week.

Elementary School

In Kindergarten through 8th grade, Zion Lutheran Church builds on the education foundation laid at home and in preschool. Students at Zion grow academically and physically during this time as well as socially, emotionally, and spiritually in academics, athletics, and the fine arts. Our faculty and staff nurture each area of a child’s development to prepare them for high school, college, and beyond.