Feeling broken? Disconnected? Purposeless?

The brokenness that exists in our world and in our lives is the result of our brokenness with God. God created us to have a perfect relationship with him that would be reflected in our relationships with each other–relationships that would last forever. But our sinfulness ruined those relationships. The brokenness leaves us without a true identity and without real purpose in our lives. We need someone to fix it. That someone is Jesus, the Savior who has restored us to God.

Welcome to Zion Lutheran

Zion Lutheran exists to connect people to Jesus, the Savior who restored us to God by rescuing us from our sins. Jesus gives us a renewed identity–we’re children of God, now and forever! And he gives us a renewed purpose–to reflect God’s love for us through our love for others, all so that more and more can know him as the Savior who has restored us to God. “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.”–1 John 4:7

Growing in Christ

Because our connection to Christ is formed through God’s Word, we center everything we do at Zion around God’s Word. We offer Christ-centered worship every Sunday, as well as a Bible study hour and Sunday School for our kids. We offer a Christ-centered education for all the children who attend our elementary school. We form Christ-centered relationships that we enjoy with each other now and that will last for eternity.

Reflecting His Love

When we recognize just how much God loves us, it’s only natural for us to reflect his love through our love for each other. Our hope is that through our acts of love, others will see our faith and, God-willing, come to know the love of Jesus. We have many opportunities to serve through our church and school, but our most meaningful service happens as we reflect Christ’s love to the people God has placed around us every day.

Sharing Him with Others

We want others to have what we have, too. The message of God’s grace and forgiveness was given for us, and it was also given for us to share. So, we share it with as many in our community as we can. We also support missions across the world that are sharing the good news of Christ along with us.

Serving our Community for Over 50 Years

Zion Lutheran has been serving the spiritual needs of the Denver and Lakewood communities for over 50 years. Our church and school are a part of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS), a group of nearly 1300 churches working together to share God’s Word with the world.


We would love to talk more with you about our Zion family and the ministry we carry out in Jesus’ name. Please click the link below to connect with Pastor Krause, or connect with him at one of our worship services. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Zion Member Nina Rowell: “Zion is family to me, and what makes it a family is that we enjoy true fellowship around God’s Word. Zion is a home to me, where my fellow members are my friends and encourage me and care about me. Zion is a place where I hear true teaching from God’s Word and know the assurance of my salvation through the saving grace of Christ. Zion is a safe place where I learn of God’s love for me. Zion is a refuge in a fallen world.”

Zion Members Eric and Debbie Blumer: “When we moved to Denver we needed to find a place to live. But before searching for an apartment, we searched for a church home. Our priority was to live near a good Christian church and school. Then we found Zion Lutheran! Our family has been a part of Zion’s family of believers for years. At Zion, we hear the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. We attend Bible studies. We receive many blessings including the forgiveness of Jesus Christ. We have made lifelong friendships and enjoy many special occasions at Zion Lutheran Church and School.”

Zion Member Scott Rowell: “Zion taught me what it means to be a confessing Lutheran, and to distinguish between Law and Gospel teaching. The pastors are thoroughly trained and able to impart their knowledge of God’s Word. Week in and week out we hear the same message of God’s love for us through Jesus Christ’s perfect life, death, and resurrection. Believe me, it never gets old.”